Weekly Newsletter for 3/9/18

Dear Room 4 Families,

Your child participated in a practice test for the Youth Chinese Test, which will be administered on March 21st. This mock test was to help your child understand which test room they will be reporting to, how to fill out the answer bubble sheet, as well as becoming familiar with the format of the test.

No Toys at School!
Due to the book fair, there has been an increase in playing with toys during class time. There have been many interruptions to our school day due to students who have lost their toys or arguments about their belongings. Please remind your child to put the items they purchase at the book fair in their backpack. And please encourage them not to bring any toys to school from home. Any toys played during class time will be confiscated and will be returned on the last day of school.
Field Trip to CuriOdyssey,  Thursday, 5/17
Our highly anticipated field trip to CuriOdyssey will be coming soon in 2 months. Only cleared chaperones with volunteer paperwork completed in the office can attend. We are unable to accommodate last minute additions due to the strict field trip policies regarding chaperones. We hope to get many chaperones to help us lead small groups for our animal writing research project that we will be working on for the field trip. Please make arrangements with your work if you can take time off. The sign-up sheet will be posted next week. We’ll email/message you the link to the Google Doc.
This Week in English Language Arts…
We have been learning how to monitor and clarify during reading. We have learned strategies for what to do when we do not understand a word and we are learning about how to clarify our comprehension when we do not understand a part of the story.  We will be practicing these strategies during our own reading time in the weeks to come. We have also continued on working with ‘oi and ‘oy’ spelling patterns.
This Week in Writing…
We wrapped up our opinion writing unit by going through the writing process on our own, from brainstorming, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing our final drafts. We have been reading narrative stories and studying the structure and genre in preparation of our revisited “Lifting the Level of Personal Narrative” unit that we will start next week.
This Week in Math…
We have been working with various strategies that help us understand the place value of tens and ones when we need to subtract and regroup. The new math curriculum distinguishes making a new ten in addition as “regrouping” and breaking apart/borrowing a ten in subtraction as “ungrouping” which may be different from how you learned the terminology when you were in school. We also learned the standard algorithm for subtracting (crossing out a ten to borrow) and where the borrowed ten goes.
This Week in Chinese…
The students worked really hard and finished all the Chinese assessments this week. We were in the second week of plant lessons and we worked hard to complete the word writing sheet. Students have become more efficient in going through all the center rotations. Also, most groups are done with their showcase song writing with many others almost done. We’ll have a sing-off next week to select the songs to present in the Mandarin Showcase.
Week 22 homework links are available for you to view here: https://sites.google.com/site/17to18chen/homework/week22mandarinhomework
Important Dates:
  • 3/9 – Trimester 2 Ends
  • 3/30 – Cesar Chavez Day (No School)
  • 4/2-4/6 – Spring Break (No School)
  • 4/13 – Multicultural Night
  • 4/27 – Mandarin Showcase

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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