Weekly Newsletter for 6/1/18

Dear Room 4 Families,

I’m glad that quite a few of you parent volunteers were able to enjoy the Volunteer Tea on Wednesday. We truly appreciate you taking the time out to help us in any capacity.

This week we have been busy with many fun surprise projects, including a birthday surprise for Mr. Chen! We have been working on our final assessments for reading, writing, and math, which will continue into next week. Thank you to the parents who have donated towards our last day of school pizza party. Please bring a paper shopping bag with handles on the last day of school to carry all of our work and belongings home.

This Week in English Language Arts…

We have been making inferences and connections to various texts that we have been reading. We have been studying the world map and the map of the United States as we follow Stanley along his world wide adventures and learning about how different countries are structured. We have been working on prefixes/suffixes, double constant spelling, homophones, and -mb spelling pattern.

This Week in Writing…

We are working on our sloppy copies for our All About Writing and have started to construct the pamphlet for our final drafts, which we will work on next week.

This Week in Math…

We have been learning about arrays and how multiplication is repeated addition. We also learned how to draw arrays by partitioning into equal shares. Your child learned how to partition various shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths. This week we started on our summative math test and will finish next week.

This Week in Chinese…

We finished a lot of things this week! Other than a couple of Reading assessment needed to be done, we worked hard to complete all the assessments in Listening & Word Recognition, Social Studies, and Science. We also threw in the usual word writing sheet, reading on iChineseReader, and writing characters on the Writer app in the midst of all the assessment. We’ll work on the Writing assessment next week and we’ll also start character affirmation project. Please be sure to have your child complete the last homework packet of the year and bring it on Monday. They need it to get the project going.


Our last homework packet was handed out last week and is due this upcoming Monday. Your child needs their homework in order to complete an end of the year project with Mr. Chen.

Important Dates:

  • 6/6 – Spring Concert
  • 6/8 – Field Day
  • 6/11-6/14 – Minimum Day
  • 6/14 – Last Day of School (Minimum Day)

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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