Weekly Newsletter for 10/12/18

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

I will be out of town this Thursday and Friday. Please address any immediate concerns to the office or to Ms. Li. I will return your non-urgent messages on Monday when I am back in the classroom.

This week in English Language Arts/Writing…

We are working on retelling and summarizing a story. We learned the difference between a comprehensive retelling of the story versus summarizing the most important information of a fiction text using “Somebody, wanted, but, so, then” structure to guide our summary. Students are practicing it during their independent reading time and sharing out with the class. In writing, we are on the revising and edit portion of our Writer’s Workshop and will be continuing on with learning how to write a nice final draft and start the writing process over from the beginning with a new piece of writing.

This week in Math…

We have been focusing on word problems. This week we have been looking at special situations such as not enough information, too much information, multiple questions based on one story, and two-step word problems.

This week in Chinese…

You can find the homework link for Week 5 here: https://graceyou.com/week-5/

Important Dates:

  • 10/12 – Picture Day
  • 10/17 – Husky Trot
  • 10/19 – ELAC Meeting
  • 10/26 – Fall Fest Trick or Treat

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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