Weekly Newsletter for 1/11/19

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

Welcome back from Winter Break! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing time with their families. This week we have gotten back into the swing of things and jumped right in from where we left off before break. Some Room 4 and 7 students in Ms. You’s ALD class are doing a unit on rocks and minerals and will be asked to bring some from home (no more than 5) in a ziplock baggie with their name on it. Please make sure any rocks and minerals brought to school are not valuable as they may get lost or stolen.

This Week in English Language Arts/Writing…

We continued with author’s main purpose in determining why the author wrote the book and finding clues and evidence to defend our answer. We are finishing up our poetry books this week and have started learning about what an opinion is. We will officially start our opinion writing unit next week

This Week in Math…

We started a new unit on measurement and geometry. This week, students learned how to use a ruler to measure and draw line segments and shapes in centimeters. Please continue to practice at home by drawing lines, shapes, measuring, and holding the ruler steady in different positions.

This Week in Chinese…

In our Mandarin class, we continue to reinforce the class and school expectations, routines and procedures; classroom expressions; numbers; days of the week; directions; time; and currency. We reviewed Lesson 5 including vocabulary, phrases, the passage, and the story in class. We did the bell work, tried to forecast the weather, read picture books, practiced character strokes, tried to make complete sentences as well as played academic games, sang songs, learned mini-lessons from mystery science, watched YouTube clips about Coyote Peterson and their scientific terms in Mandarin.
Week 15 Homework can be found here: https://graceyou.com/week-15/
Important Dates:
  • 1/15 – Vision and Hearing Screening
  • 1/18 – ELAC Meeting
  • 1/21 – NO SCHOOL
  • 1/24 – Jump Rope for Heart
  • 1/25 – Coffee With the Principal
  • 1/29 – Reflections Celebration
  • 1/31 – Spelling Bee
  • 2/11 – NO SCHOOL

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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