Weekly Newsletter for 4/26/19

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

Welcome back from Spring Break! With the change in weather, many students have been sniffly and complaining of headaches. Please make sure to check for allergies this season, dress your child in layers for the heat, and to make sure they have access to water. When returning to class or after a recess, too many students want to drink water at once. This means that they may not be able to access water right away. Also, we are starting to run low on tissue boxes. With the start of allergy season, donations of tissues would be greatly appreciated.

Two time-sensitive documents have been passed out in your child’s Friday Folder today.

  1. The first is the field trip permission slip for our upcoming Field Trip to CuriOdyssey on Thursday, May 16th. We currently have enough chaperons and will not be adding new ones at this time. Please make sure to read over the parent letter thoroughly and complete all of the fields marked with an asterisk (*). It is important that you put ‘NONE’ in the field for allergies/medical conditions/medications if your child does not have any. Field trip permission slips need to be completely filled out, signed, dated, and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher NO LATER than Friday, May 10th. 
  2. The second time-sensitive document is an order slip for a collaborative book that Room 4 and 7 will be writing and publishing. You are absolutely under no obligation to purchase a book, however all book purchases need to be pre-ordered and will not be available for sale after the due date of Friday, May 10th. The book topic was a classroom decision and is called “Unique Animals of The World” and will be written by single students and groups of two. Important! For Room 7 families, please make sure you order under my name, “Ms. Grace You” and not  under Ms. Li’s name. The orders will be processed under my name and if you write the wrong teacher name, you may not receive a copy of the class book. 

This Week in English Language Arts/Writing…

Your child has been studying -ge/dge spelling patterns, singular/plural nouns, compound words. and homonyms. Your child has been learning about Earth Day around the world and comparing/contrasting the differences between each student’s life. In writing, we are trying to wrap up our small moment narrative writing this week. Your child is very excited to start researching for their self-selected topic “Unusual Animals of the World” and getting their work published in a collaborative book with both Room 4 and Room 7 students. Copies of the book are available for pre-order only. Please read the top of this newsletter for details.

This Week in Math…

We continued with our data and data analysis unit by using data in a table to create picture graphs and bar graphs. We answered questions using the data from a table and wrote our own story problems.

This week in Chinese…

In our Mandarin class, we continue to reinforce the class and school expectations, routines and procedures; classroom expressions; numbers; days of the week; directions; shapes, time; and currency. We reviewed some math concepts in Chinese and continued with Lesson 9 including vocabulary, phrases, dialogs, the story and the passage in class. We did the bell work, read digital books, practiced character strokes, tried to make complete sentences as well as played academic games, sang songs, learned lessons from mystery science, and their scientific terms in Mandarin. We continued to learn about spring, read stories about Chinese culture and tradition.

Week 29 homework can be found here: https://graceyou.com/week-29/

Important Dates: 

  • 4/30 – Minimum Day/Open House/Science Fair
  • 5/6-5/10 – Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 5/16 – Field Trip to CuriOdyssey
  • 5/17 – Movie Night
  • 5/27 – Holiday – No School
  • 5/29 – Spring Concert

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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