Weekly Newsetter for 5/31/19

Dear Room 4 Families,

This week your child planted radish seeds for our plant life cycle unit. They are looking forward to seeing their plants grow! As a reminder, we finished our regular homework packet this week and there will be no more regularly assigned homework. Please continue to read with your child, practice math, and work on writing together.

For our lovely parent volunteers, the volunteer breakfast is next Tuesday, June 4th. If you are able, please drop by for some treats in appreciation for your time and dedication this year.

This Week in English Language Arts/Writing…

We have been studying the en/on/in spelling pattern, working with contractions, cause and effect, context clues, and commas in a series. We have been continuing with our all about writing project by researching online using animals a-z and other online resources and writing out our rough drafts. Your child has also been working on vocabulary for our plant life cycle unit.

This Week in Math…

We finished our adding and subtracting larger numbers and have moved on to multiplication and division concepts. Your child learned about an array and how it relates to multiplication (repeated addition) and has learned how to partition into halves, thirds, and fourths.

This Week in Chinese…

Important Dates:

  • 6/5 – Spring Concert  (Rescheduled)
  • 6/10 – Field Day for Primary Students
  • 6/11 – Field Day for Intermediate Students
  • 6/10-6/13 – Minimum Day Schedule
  • 6/13 – Last Day of School

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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