Weekly Newsletter for 9/20/19

Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you to the families that were able to make it to the Room 4 Back to School Night this Thursday. It was very nice to meet new and past parents. Please remember that Back to School Night for Stonebrae school is scheduled for Tuesday, which is also a minimum day with dismissal at 1pm.

If you would like to sign up to be a field trip chaperone this year, please fill out the google form: https://forms.gle/NAc4JyvKZR8QdpnE8 

Please note that we currently do not have enough donations for our classroom events this year and that some of the activities may need to be cancelled. We currently have about $600 in donations and we need around $1000 for MOCHA, Hiller Aviation, Exploratorium, and CuriOdyssey. Our donation drive runs until 9/27 and I will keep you updated regarding our classroom fundraising efforts. 

This Week in ELA/Writing…

We have been studying the short u and short o spelling patterns. We have continued learning about our government, including the 3 branches of government, how laws are made and enforced, and how our country was formed back in 1776. In writing, we have started putting our stories into a heart map and using our ideas to put our stories down on paper.

This Week in Math…

Your child is learning about fact families and how they relate in a math mountain, or you may know the term as ‘decomposing the numbers’ or number bonds. Your child also learned different strategies for finding an unknown addend of an addition and subtraction problem. We learned how to identify if we are missing a part or a total.

This Week in Chinese…

We played many fun games to help us learn our vocabulary for colors this week. Your child took turns helping to run calendar in Chinese this week. We practiced writing our words using 4-color stroke order and had time to study before we took our first official dictation test.

I will not be in the classroom next Friday. The sub will have the kids take a practice test and I will administer the test on Monday when I return to the classroom. If you have any immediate concerns, please address them to the office.


Important Dates…

  • 9/24 – Minimum Day – Dismissal 1pm
  • 9/24 – Stonebrae Back to School Night – 6:00pm
  • 10/7 – Minimum Day – Dismissal 1pm
  • 10/31 – Minimum Day – Dismissal 1pm

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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