Weekly Newsletter for 10/4/19

Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you for turning in your donations for the Husky Trot. Your child is excited to participate! Also thank you for the donations towards our classroom field trips and activities! We are hoping to have a fun year filled with rich learning experiences.

Please remember that this upcoming Monday, 10/7 is a minimum day with dismissal at 1pm.

Sign-ups for our first field trip to Hiller Aviation will be closing soon. You can sign up for any of the 3 upcoming field trips on the google doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScyDaLtq2LewGrQFrXTFiBTpVXJt1mH3evdSsPWoFQLXuVefg/viewform

If you would like to help donate items for our treasure chest or classroom, our amazon wishlist is located here: http://www.tinyurl.com/msyouroom4

Scholastic Book Orders for October will be submitted after school on Friday, October 25th and the box takes about 7-14 days to ship. You can order online through the banner in the sidebar.

This Week in ELA/Writing…

I am starting to assess reading levels for your child during our Reader’s Workshop time. Your child is learning about using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words and retelling stories. We are learning about compound words, plural nouns/irregular plural nouns, and the long ‘O’ spelling pattern.

This Week in Math…

We have started a unit on studying word problems.  Your child learned how to relate a math mountain to addition and subtraction problems. They also learned that you can add to solve a subtraction problem. We are studying strategies to help us comprehend the word problem and identify what we are trying to solve for (missing part, or missing total). We first represent the word problem with an equation with a square to represent the unknown number, then solve.

This Week in Chinese…

We are learning about school supplies and working on building our vocabulary of nouns. Your child is creating books to add to their Chinese book bag that they can read throughout the year. We are learning new games and songs to help us build our language fluency and give more opportunities to say the word and retain vocabulary.


Week 4 online homework link: https://graceyou.com/mandarin-homework-week-4/

Important Dates:

  • 10/7 – Minimum Day – Dismissal 1pm
  • 10/11 – Picture Day
  • 10/16 – Husky Trot
  • 10/31 – Minimum Day – Dismissal 1pm

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You




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