Weekly Newsletter for 12/6/19

Dear Room 4 Families,

A big thanks to our Room Parent Rosa and all of the other wonderful volunteers who worked tirelessly to help make Stone Soup a success this week. Your child was so excited to celebrate with all of the 2nd graders at the end of our literature study. Tomorrow is our Winterfest where you can see your child perform holiday songs on stage, purchase snacks, art, and other goods made by students and teachers for fundraising. All proceeds from the items sold at the Room 4 table will go to our classroom! Please stop by and support our school. The event runs from 8am-12pm and students are asked to report to school no later than 9:20am so they are ready to perform at 9:30am. Dress code is optional, pajamas or comfy clothing.

This Week in English Language Arts/Writing…

We finished up with our Stone Soup literature study and used the various texts to help us make text-to-text connections with other books. We studied the silent gn/kn spelling pattern. In writing, we are learning how to research two related facts on the same topic to build towards writing an informational paragraph.

This Week in Math…

We started learning strategies to add and group money. We are also continuing to work on various strategies for adding two 2-digit numbers.

This Week in Chinese…

We are learning about body parts and the adjectives that describe them. We are also working on grammar patterns, using complete sentences in the classroom, and on opposite terms (ie, black/white, long/short, etc.)


Week 11.5 homework is a small packet consisting of a reading long and Chinese homework due to the minimum day schedule for Parent-Teacher Conferences. You can find the homework links here: https://graceyou.com/mandarin-homework-week-11/

Important Dates…

  • 12/7 – Winterfest
  • 12/9 – 12/12 – Minimum Day Week – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 12/13 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 12/23 – 1/3 – Winter Break – No School
  • 1/14 – Vision and Hearing Screening

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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