Study at Home Newsletter – 3/17/20

Dear Second Grade Families,

Stonebrae staff reported to work on Monday and were able to meet virtually to come up with a plan for the next few weeks. We understand that not all students/families have access to technology. Here is a resource that may help families access low-cost internet and computers:

The most important homework is to read 30 minutes every night. Please see the resources below. Ideally, students should be reading, writing, and working on math and Chinese every day while adding science, social studies, and art into their day.

I can be reached via email or on ClassDojo during office hours (Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00). Please email me with questions:

Due to the increasing load on ClassDojo during these uncertain times, their service has had many server issues. All of my communication will be posted on my webpage if you are unable to access ClassDojo.

Here is a suggested guideline for your child to self-study at home. You may use other resources to fulfill these subject areas (ie. workbooks, other webpages, Khan academy, etc.)

Language Arts – Read and Work on Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar  – 1 Hour

  • Read for 30 minutes a day. Keep a reading log. Write a summary about your book.
  • Use Kids A-Z to read books and take a quiz. (*Your student has a login for RazKids),
  • IXL for Grammar and ELA practice – Your child has a login for a paid account (check Classdojo Portfolio) –
  • Storytime Online (Listen to others read) –


Writing – Write Daily – 30 Minutes

  • This could be writing stories, daily journals, opinion writing, or all about.
  • Once your child has written, you can help them review, edit, and revise their work.
  • You can find fun journal prompts for March/April online if you need ideas. You can also pick prompts from here: March Journal Prompts


Math – Practice 2nd grade skills – 30 Minutes

*Your child should have mastered math facts 0-20,  double digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, and deciphering and solving simple and complex word problems*

  • You can use IXL for Math skills practice without the distraction of the game that Prodigy offers.
  • Prodigy – Your child has a login for this website. Complete assignments (placement test, assigned modules for current math unit, individualized learning) – 30 minutes a day.


Chinese – Review Vocabulary, Work on Reading, Writing, and Conversation


Science – Use inquiry based lessons to observe and make theories

  • IXL – Science section to learn specific standards
  • Mystery Science –  Follow this link for free online activities: MysteryScience (This is the same site we use for school. So your child should be familiar with the format.)

Social Studies- We are going to assign this project to match our non-fiction reading and biography/research report in a few weeks, but please feel free to get started on this now: Biography Writing Project

Art  – ArtWithJennyK

Other-, handwriting worksheets, math flashcards for fluency, sight word practice/flashcards, science fair project (will be posted on Stonebrae website soon), take a walk with your family, make dinner together while learning to read recipes/measurements

Thank you for again for your understanding during this uncertain time. Please continue to encourage your child to explore a variety of subjects during their home study. I will continue to update you with information and resources as they become available to me.

-Ms. You

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