Study At Home Newsletter for 3/25/20

Dear 2nd Grade Families, 

As we enter our second week of school closure, we want to check in with you. We hope your families are staying healthy and that you are finding ways to enjoy time with one another. We know this is a unique and challenging time for families. The second grade team has decided not to hold online class at this time and encourage your child to use the adaptive/individualized learning websites that have been assigned to help supplement their current learning and to fill in any gaps in learning (IXL, Prodigy, Khan Academy). With the school closure extending now until May 1st, things may continue to change and I will continue to update you as I learn of anything new.

Keeping a routine is beneficial for children. Here is a helpful suggested schedule for your child to help pace out their learning in a day:

We plan to provide independent learning resources and assign skills via other online resources. You may get a few invite emails from different websites. Please accept these invitations and join the classroom.

As a reminder, Spring Break has been rescheduled to 3/30-4/3. No new work will be assigned during this time, however all of the online resources are accessible to your child during Spring Break if you would like them to continue learning. Here is a link to the learning resources on the Stonebrae website:





  • Continue to write personal narrative, all about, and opinion writing. You can submit your writing to Ms. You for feedback via e-mail, ClassDojo Messenger, or ClassDojo Portfolio.
  • OREO Opinion Writing:

Social Studies: Biography Writing Project




Other:, handwriting worksheets, math flashcards for fluency, sight word practice/flashcards, science fair project (will be posted on Stonebrae website soon), take a walk with your family, make dinner together while learning to read recipes/measurements


The 2nd Grade Team





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