Weekly Newsletter for 5/27/16

Dear Room 4 Families,

Last week your child was busy learning so much! It was great seeing everyone for Open House and I hope that your family had the opportunity to see what 3rd grade will be like next year.

Your child has been wrapping up the year with several assessments, including assessing their end of the year reading level. If you notice your child’s reading grade going down each trimester, it means that they did not improve to the new requirement per each trimester. This is a brand new assessment that our school adopted this year, which was not used last year. The end of the year goal for your child in 2nd grade and the beginning of the year goal for your child at the beginning of 3rd grade is to be at a level M/N and to end 3rd grade at level P/Q. To see the grade level chart and other information, you can click here. This is not a comprehensive list, but to get an idea of some level M books, you can look at this list here. If you are curious as to what your child’s reading level means, you can look at the level descriptions here.

Your child has been working on their non-fiction/all about writing and identifying the author’s main purpose in English Language Arts. We started the math benchmark assessment and will continue it this week. We have also started multiplication as repeated addition and arrays. Please help your child by making arrays, practicing counting by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s, etc.

Here are this week’s homework links:

Thank you,

-Ms. You

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