Weekly Newsletter for 1/10/13

Dear Room 4 Families,

We had a great week back from break and jumped right back into writing paragraphs and double-digit subtraction. We met with both of our kindergarten buddy classes this week to peer mentor and reinforce our reading and Mandarin language skills.

Our Room 4 students have been saving their tickets for a special monthly “Super Raffle” that was held today. So your child may have a “big” prize (there is a DS game in the mix among other large objects) in their possession.

The dinosaur project is due on Monday, January 13th. If you have lost the instructions handout, you can find it here: https://graceyou.com/2013/12/16/dinosaur-report-due-monday-11314/

We will be having Mad Science visit our classroom next Friday, 1/17 for a special hands-on science project. Thank you to the Carreon Family for inviting them to our classroom! That Friday (1/17) will also be a minimum day, and there is no school on the following Monday (1/20).

English Language Arts

Working on:  -ar/-air/-are spelling patterns, prefixes, alliteration, onomatopoeia, writing narrative paragraphs, and commas in a list.

Next week’s spelling words: https://graceyou.com/2nd-3-6-review-week/

Currently on: Topic 10 – Subtracting two-digit numbers. The math test will be on Monday, so please review two-digit regrouping (both addition and subtraction) with your child to help them prepare for the test.

Current Textbook Lessons: Shuang Shuang 2.8, Better Chinese Lesson 14
Things we did:

  • Practiced our reading with cooperative groups to record Vokis.
  • Wrote about ourselves in our “About Me” book
  • Wrote sentences describing what we were wearing today.
  • Learned the vocabulary for various types of clothing by dressing a frog according to the weather.
  • Using flash cards to review and maintain our past dictation words.
  • Practiced our dictation words, different variations of reading aloud, writing, singing songs, searching for our vocabulary words in our text.

Next week’s dictation words: https://graceyou.com/dictation-week-18/


Room 4 could use some:

  • A roll of clear packing tape
  • Reams of white copy paper
  • Gallon size ziplock bags
  • Boxes of tissues
  • A can of compressed air
  • Any new or gently used items to be given away as prizes for our raffle


-Ms. You


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